Sliding in chamonix, or how to take your pleasure to the next level

The first emotion was when you took up your winter quarters in your MGM residence facing Mont Blanc.
The second was discovering the surrounding peaks through the large panoramic window, like a call from this mythical valley, a meeting place for fans of skiing, alpinism and adrenaline.

And when you unfolded the map of the ski area, with no less than 150 slopes and hectares of powder snow waiting for your first tracks, you knew that once you had your skis on, other sensations were to come...

Cours de ski en famille à Chamonix

Emotions beyond your expectations

This evening, comfortably installed on the sofa, after a relaxing session at the Spa of your MGM residence, and an aperitif with friends at the Bar Lounge, you all agree.

This first day has exceeded everything you imagined.

You see yourselves again this morning, filling up on energy while savouring the pastries ordered the day before and delivered early; waiting for the sun to beat down on the window and for the call of the summits to ring out. Pierre imagined himself playing with his edges and tips on the pleasant slopes of Les Houches. Max and Léo, the twins, projected themselves on the slopes and glaciers of Balme, Brevent-Flégère and Grands Montets, in freestyle mode. While Tina, the youngest, with her ski boots on, was practising the pole planter and the flexion extension in her room, waiting to do them for real on the slopes of the Savoy, the Planards or the Vorlaine.

Then, with the same impulse, you all got up and headed in the same direction: that of the ski school, to take advantage of the group ski lessons offered to all holidaymakers by the Chamonix Valley.

Coin Cheminée le cristal de Jade

Skiing in its most beautiful expression

The suite cannot be described, it can be felt. It is the air that fills the lungs and the wind that caresses the face, the skis that are one with the slope and the speed that grays, the horizons that open up and take you into another dimension.

This is skiing in its purest and most beautiful expression, against a backdrop of azure blue and sparkling white.

And as you go down the slopes, under the guidance of your instructor, the pleasure is taken to the next level. It was your first day in Chamonix, your first evening in your MGM residence. And after the first emotions, you all agree, tomorrow, others will follow. You are not in a land of firsts for nothing.

Noël à la montagne by MGM | MGM Hôtels & RésidenceNoël à la montagne by MGM | MGM Hôtels & RésidenceNoël à la montagne by MGM | MGM Hôtels & RésidenceNoël à la montagne by MGM | MGM Hôtels & RésidenceNoël à la montagne by MGM | MGM Hôtels & Résidence

A unique skiing experience

If you want to take advantage of the free group ski lessons in the Chamonix valley, book your stay at the Cristal de Jade in Chamonix or at the Chalets Éléna in Les Houches, , from 7 January to 4 February and from 7 March to 1 April 2022. Then book your lessons directly with the partner ski schools up to 3 days before your arrival. Once there, present your MGM booking confirmation, and let yourself be guided.

The rest is up to you to imagine...


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