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Montagnes du Monde® Spa Contamines-Montjoie

A real haven of excellence, the Montagnes du Monde® Spa guarantees you a soothing sensorial journey courtesy of  treatments lavished on you by the expert hands of our spa practitioners.

Solo or as a pair, every outing to the Montagne du Monde® Spa is truly enchanting, an invitation to let go and recharge your batteries.

Behind the experience which you are preparing to undergo are those of the practitioners who will be looking after you. Experienced professionals  who have mastered their craft to perfection. With that little « je ne sais quoi » which finds its way into every session and is the hallmark of MGM treatments: kindness.


The treatment cubicles -  Résidence Chalets Laska - Les Contamines-Montjoie | MGM Hôtels & Résidences

The treatment cubicles


The journey begins the minute you enter the Montagnes du Monde® Spa, richly and naturally decorated to ease any tension instantly. Whatever you choose, a single or double cubicle, the sympathetic welcome only accentuates the process of letting go which evolves slowly. Our experienced practitioners’ knowhow, the  beneficial properties of the Pure Altitude© products and the appropriateness of the treatment rituals will do the rest …

Pure Altitude© Products


Pure Altitude©products are based on the antioxidant and remineralising effects of mountain plants coupled with the cosmetic properties of the edelweiss. A blend which, on contact with the skin, gives it effective natural protection against the signs of aging and outside damage.

In this way, your epidermis is regenerated and your complexion regains its glow.

Products- Chalets Laska - Les Contamines-Montjoie | MGM Hôtels & Résidences

Treatments and Rituals


They move seamlessly from body to face, sometimes toning sometimes firming, sometimes moisturising and regenerating. Cleansing scrubs, body wrap massages, each one has its effect. These are the Montagnes du Monde®  Spa treatments and rituals, exclusively from MGM, and very soon you will be appreciating the benefits.