Who are we ?

Based in Haute-Savoie since the beginning, the MGM group gives leisure and holiday property in the mountains its standing by combining passion and the exceptional. As an essential player in high-end holidays in resorts in the Northern Alps and with a well-established reputation, MGM makes use of its mountain origins to bring out the potential of young resorts and village resorts and to create new "corners of paradise". The elegance of the architecture, the refinement of the decor, the quality of its facilities, the rarely-equalled and particular attention paid to the choice of sites, are increasingly attractive to a well-informed clientele who love the mountains.

"Seeking client satisfaction is in our DNA. Every year, we set up new services, to provide our guests with ever more facilities."


Or the excellence of our services

The MGM Hôtels & Résidences teams, chosen for their inter-personal skills, endeavour to give each one of their clients a unique and spiritual experience. The warm, personalised welcome can be seen in every gesture and every look which are part of the many moments of dialogue and attention; the sign of an attentiveness that is always discreet, kind and thoughtful.

From the moment they arrive, residents enjoy a wide range of services and the top level of comfort which enable them to forget the fatigue and stress of the journey and to throw themselves into an extraordinary holiday – a holiday «without constraint» focussing on relaxation and conviviality.

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A different way of enjoying the mountains

Because life in the mountains is different, because they are not the preserve of snow sport fans, because holidays are above all « a time for oneself », a time to unwind and let go, because wellness has become everyone’s preoccupation, MGM Hôtels & Résidences offers its clients  proper areas for relaxation which include a fitness room, heated indoor swimming pool, saunas, hammams, hot tubs and treatment rooms – a lot of equipment and infrastructure to revitalise the body and chase away stress, fatigue and toxins.

Sources of equilibrium and tranquillity, where mind and body can blossom, MGM Hôtels & Résidences spas are multisensory areas oriented towards nature and pleasure. The pleasure of travelling, exploring all the wealth of the mountains of the world through the medium of relaxing massages with Alpine pine oils or exfoliation with Himalayan salt. The light, spacious and contemporary treatment rooms are soberly and elegantly decorated in a natural continuation of the refined style of the groups hotels and apartment complexes.

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Well-being on the skin's edge

The MGM group remains at the forefront of bringing wellness centres and spas to the mountain setting. Having worked with the biggest names in cosmetics, the group wanted to turn towards brands that follow its eco-responsible initiative and which use active ingredients based on raw materials from natural products, principally sourced in the mountains and grown on organic farms.

Of these, MGM has chosen cosmetic products from Pure Altitude©, the principal active ingredient of which is the edelweiss flower. Used particularly in facials and body treatments, this plant is recognised for its ability to enhance the skin’s own defences against outside harm, an essential quality in the mountains to ensure our practioners can give their clients quality treatments.

Whether it is lymph draining, relaxing, purifying or re-energising for the face, legs, back or scalp, every treatment is carried out in accordance with a protocol which combines product efficacy with effective massage techniques.

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The new world of MGM

A fragrance reflecting its values: kindly, welcoming and elegant. It reinterprets the Alpine setting in an ethereal way. In each living space, this fragrance shows a different aspect due to a varying concentration. It accompanies guests in MGM apartment buildings and hotels as they move about the premises. It is a bouquet of aromas that aims to evoke the feeling that matches the mountain identity of holidays with MGM Hôtels & Résidences and releases a new sense of liberty, timelessness and wellness in the heart of the finest Alpine ski areas.


Classic materials and harmony

Basin surrounds in natural stone, unfinished or finished wood, ceilings with inset spots … MGM’s high standards can be seen in every detail and aim to maintain the perfect balance between convenience and beauty.

Every MGM apartment complex and hotel has its own identity, its individual atmosphere blending the traditional with the contemporary through an uncluttered style and large windows.

This close marriage of materials (wood, stainless steel, glass), colours (warm and cool) and fabrics instils a unique warm ambiance.

Sensory experience, visual experience … MGM Hôtels & Résidences likes to cultivate the difference!