Wellness can also be practiced at home

If you’re feeling short of energy, stressed and a bit off colour,

Here is some advice to help you get through these exceptional times with equanimity.

1. Sleeping well

Our organism needs to feel a distinct contrast between day and night. So, lack of activity can reduce the quality of your sleep. The important thing is to keep to a routine and to set up a fixed schedule for the week.

2. Keeping hydrated

The first habit to get into to encourage the elimination of toxins is to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day. You can alternate with green tea and tisanes like camomile, verbena, peppermint or fennel or star anise. Herb drinks are highly effective for improving and speeding up digestion. Before eating in the morning squeeze a lemon into a cup of warm water to start the day in top form!

3. Keeping moving!

Wait at least half an hour after eating before undertaking any physical activity. Exercise stimulates the circulation and so helps eliminate toxins. Numerous exercise classes you can do at home are available on free on-line platforms like YouTube.


Videos suitable for children are also available. Ideal for enabling the whole family to let off steam indoors while having fun. > Watch the video

4. Taking care of yourself

Face packs, hair care, nail care, exfoliation... taking care of yourself enables you to feel better in yourself and to relax.


5. "Eat 5 fruits and vegetable a day"

Top up on vitamins by concocting homemade smoothies. For a balanced recipe, mix two fruits of your choice and one vegetable with 200 ml of water, coconut water or plant milk.


You understand that to get through this interlude in our lives with greater equanimity, the important thing is to take care of ourselves.

And because we are hoping to welcome you back this summer and to continue to take care of you, we would like to introduce you to our detox ritual.

Essential for getting back fitness and energy after confinement!

Exfoliation and lymph-draining wraps coupled with energising massages will enable your body to release the accumulated toxins and to relieve tensions to ensure trouble-free transit and good general circulation.
The massage is punctuated with lymph-draining techniques which are both gentle and deep to allow improved lymph circulation to drain toxins And because we don’t like doing things by halves, the draining is also aimed at improving the quality of your skin by eliminating cellulite!

The massage is accompanied by a long massage of the stomach, the centre of our emotions.
This regulates transit. Finally, the massage ends with a plant reflexology treatment to re-energise mind and body.

The treatment ends with a facial to give you radiance with a fingertip massage aimed at boosting microcirculation.

A little extra, you will be served with a fresh detox fruit juice at the end of your treatment.

From this summer, get the "Detox attitude"!

Take advantage of our wellness product:

For the Delight of the Ladies

All-inclusive week’s holiday

A week in the mountains, the ideal moment to recharge your batteries and to enjoy some time just for yourself. On the agenda, a facial, a body treatment and a body massage in the Spa Montagnes du Monde®